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The region covers the west part of Crete, 2376 km, with a population of 140.000 and its capital Chania (60.000). The mountains at the center are high (2453 m) and impressive with the snow to cover their peaks from December to May. The south coast on Libyan sea enjoys lots of sunshine. The northern side of the country is the more touristic developed.

In Crete the summer is summer, that means no rains from June to September sometimes until November. The rains which fell during winter together with the snow on the high peaks provide the water to be green the place. The temperatures are 12-15C winter months and 25-30C the summer but some days can reach 35C more. The seawater is proper for swim May to November.

Is the second biggest on the island and it was its capital when Crete was independent state 1898-1913. It's a charming town especially the old Venetian Town circled by walls around the old harbour is very lively at the evenings with a lot of lights, bars, café, restaurants. The narrow winding streets are lined with old Venetian buildings some with coat of arms still visible and souvenir shops. The town has its own sandy beach west of the old harbour but longer and beautiful beaches can be found out of the town.

- Archaeological museum. Is the former Venetian Church of San Francisco dating from the 16th century. Display findings from Minoan to Roman period, pottery statues, coins, jewellery.
- Naval museum. Contact the island naval heritage.
- Historical archive of Crete.
- Byzantine and Venetian museum. Venetian church of San Salvatore next to the wall.
- War museum.
- Folklore museum.

- he Venetian lighthouse at the entrance of the harbour.
- he Byzantine and the Venetian walls.
- he eora Venetian building since 15th and 16th century host the galleras ships for reparations.
- The covered food market a cross shape building since the beginning of 20th century.
- he Venizelos graves 5 km from the town with nice view t the town from the hill where're located.
- British and German military cemeteries n Souda and Maleme.
- Agia riada monastery n Akrotiri peninsula.
- Gonias Monastery at Kolibari.
- Acient town of Aptera (20 km from the town), Lssos (close to Sougia).
- Fragokastello, a very well preserved castle the south coast builded by the Venetians at 14 century.

-Samaria Gorge, 18 km long. he longest and most impressive n Europe, open May to November. Cretan flora and fauna.
- Sfakia, the mountain region where can admire the White Mountains and the remote villages. From here started the most of revolutions against Turks.
- Falasarna beach, long sandy, with clear water. West of Kissamos.
- Elafonissi, a sandy island to the south west point, very close to the coast where you can go walkil1g the shallow waters! White sand.
- Paleohora, long sandy beach and attractive resort on the Libyan sea.
- Lake Kournas and Georgioupolis beach.
- Lake Agia, small natural lake, good for birds watching.

- 7000-3000 B.C. Neolithic period
- 3000-1100 B.C. Minoan period
- 1100-68 B.C. Doric period
- 68 B.C.-395 Roman period
- 395-1204 Byzantine period
(823-960 Arabic conquest)
- 1204-1669 Venetian period
- 1669-1897     Turkish occupation
Revolutions against Turks in 1770, 1821-29, 1841, 1854, 1866-69, 1878, 1889, 1896-97.
- 1898-1913. Independent state Chania, capital of Crete.
December 1 1913, union with GREECE
- May, 20 -28th 1941 W.W.II Battle of Crete Start, the German occupation till May 1945.

- y air. The airport of Chania serves west Crete with 5-7 flights daily to Athens. Also charter flights during the summer to most European countries.
- Souda harbour (7 km from Chania) from where depart daily every night 2 ferries connecting the island with Pireus (Athens).
- Kissamos harbour connect west Crete and Peloponnese with regular sails.
- Local buses connect Chania with Rethimnon, Heraklon and all the villages.


Municipality of Kissamou Municipality of Mithimnis �. Kolimvariou Municipality of Voukolion Municipality of Platania Municipality of Innaxoriou Municipality of Pelekanoy Municipality of Anatolikou Selinoy Municipality of Kantanoy Municipality of Mousouron Municipality of Neas Kydonias Municipality of Therissou Municipality of Chanion Municipality of El. Venizeloy Municipality of Akrotirioy Municipality of Soudas Municipality of Keramion Municipality of Armenon Municipality of Sfakion Municipality of Fre Community of Asi Gonias Community of Gavdos Municipality of Kryoneridas Municipality of Georgoupolis Municipality of Vamoy